She's Making Women's History Today! Dr. Pat Ross

She's Making Women's History Today! Dr. Pat Ross

Dr. Patricia M. Ross is a native Washingtonian who has a proven track record of empowering people from all walks of life. Dr. Ross is an expert in the field of post-traumatic growth and trauma.  She is committed to raising awareness that growth can emerge in the aftermath of dealing with trauma.  Additionally, Dr. Ross hosts a weekly Facebook Live session, Wellness Wednesday with Dr. Pat at 6:00 am EST that focuses on psychological and physical well-being. Dr. Ross has conducted extensive research on post-traumatic growth and is committed to teaching people how to restore belief systems that have been shattered by trauma. She has received numerous professional and spiritual awards for her work with community leaders in the Washington, DC and the six surrounding counties of Baltimore, MD.  A survivor of the sudden death of two biological children and surviving numerous other traumatic events, Dr. Ross has gained momentum and resilience. 

Dr. Ross is an optimistic person who believes that resilience drives her optimistic outlook.  She is an ordained minister at Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church where she has served for over 35 years under the leadership of Drs. Alfred and Susie Owens.  Dr. Ross is a powerful, life-changing motivational speaker; she is a faculty member at the Calvary Bible Institute.  Dr. Ross has a master’s in Human Services and a doctoral degree in Education in Counseling and Psychology.   Over the years, Dr. Ross has ministered to thousands of people at churches, retreats, and conferences.  She is the founder and president of Elegant Creations which offers custom made baskets and floral arrangements.  She has been married to David A. Ross for over 44 years and the mother of five adult children. 

In 2013, Dr. Ross founded Destiny World Changers (DWC), Inc. and opened the Destiny World Changers Hope Center in Ward 8 in Washington D.C.  Through collaborations with W.C. Smith Corporation, Safeway, Capital Food Bank, Katherine’s Closet, and other private donors, she has served thousands of people through weekly food distribution services. The LaShon Ross food pantry, which is an entity of DWC, provided over 400 Thanksgiving baskets to the Ward 8 community and surrounding areas.   Dr. Ross expanded food distribution to Jamaica and hundreds of individuals in the Hispanic community.  Professionally, Dr. Ross worked at House of Ruth as a Program Manager which afforded her the opportunity to work with the homeless population, re-entry citizens, and organizations that respond to the needs of disenfranchised individuals.

Over the last fifteen years, Dr. Ross has hosted an annual Mother’s Day luncheon which is attended by 300 or more attendees.  She strongly believes that women should take time to celebrate themselves and the contributions that they have made to motherhood and life in general. 

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