Top 21 Women in 2021: Dr. Nicole S. Mason Esq.

Top 21 Women in 2021: Dr. Nicole S. Mason Esq.

Please describe what your passions have been this year in entrepreneurship?

My passions this year in entrepreneurship have been Executive Leadership Coaching and Legal Consulting and Book Publishing.  Each of these areas speak to areas of success in my own life.  It is important to me and for me to coach women, particularly women in non-traditional work environments and women in male dominated environments, to be fully confident in themselves and the fact that they belong in those environments to make a difference and to make an impact.  We all must blaze trails, very intentionally I might add, for the next generation of women.  

Additionally, I provide legal consulting on Estate Planning.  It is critical for those in our communities to properly plan for those loved ones that are left to live, after they have passed away.  This is one way generational wealth is transferred.  I am passionate about ensuring that families are educated and empowered to have the conversation about proper Estate Planning and then following up with the act of creating those Plans that will provide protection for assets acquired and instructions for illness and ultimately, instructions for burial.  With the onset of the pandemic, this area of practice is more important than ever before.  

Finally, I am an avid reader and a professional writer.  I have been published in the Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series and named one of the 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading Award Winners in 2018.  I used my skills to help others write and publish their stories. 

What were your 3 most proud accomplishments of 2021?

My three most proud accomplishments were: helping 10 African-American, Christian men write and publish their stories.  It was the first time for me working with all men, and the experience was a tremendous blessing.  The book, Faith For Fiery Trials: Men Impacting Men With Real, Raw and Relatable Stories, is the very first of its kind with all of the men sharing their stories of using their faith to triumph over some of life's most difficult situations and circumstances.  The men are very vulnerable and transparent, and the stories are powerful and impactful.  The men have been showcased on various media platforms, including Black Men Succeed Podcast.  

I am also proud of the decision I made to join a Mentoring Program that led to me making $25,000 in two days!!!  Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever's Media Marketing Money Mentorship Program has been life changing.  I have invested in many different coaching programs, and I gained something of value from them all.  However, this Program is very different, because Dr. Avis and her awesome team teach you the "how" in operating a 6 and 7-figure plus business!  

The third accomplishment that I am so proud of is starting my Show Up Great Academy where I am helping women to become the best version of themselves through coaching and education on mindset, money and how to manifest the life they really want to live!

Any advice to readers who want the next year to be their best year?

My advice to readers who want 2022 to be their best year is to set your intention.  It is important to really focus on what you want, write those things down and create a strategy around accomplishing those goals.  I would also encourage them to surround themselves with others, who are focused and determined to live their best lives.  The reality of it is we are energy wrapped up in flesh.  We thrive off of the energy of those in our space or not.  We all must make decisions on who we allow into our space.  It is not about cutting people off, as much as it is about turning yourself on.  When we are on what I like to call our "A-game," people who are not vibrating at that level will either rise to the occasion or fall off.  This is the time to take inventory of who is adding to your life and who is not.  The pandemic has taught us that none of us have time to play around.  The overarching theme for all of us should be raising our mindset to be all that God created us to be.   

Share how you plan to dominate 2022:

I plan to dominate 2022 by being authentically Me!!!  No one can beat Me being Me!!! I will be focusing more on my business and going after corporate contracts.  I will be using all of my gifts, talents, skills, expertise, education and networking resources to reach my financial goal of my first 6-figure year in my business.  

How can readers connect with you online?