Top 21 Women in 2021: Natalie Taylor

Top 21 Women in 2021: Natalie Taylor

Please describe what your passions have been this year in entrepreneurship? This past year I have been really blessed to serve roughly 300 women directly through one of my programs whether through my groups or one on one coaching. However, the part of my year that I was most excited about was serving some of my clients in person at a live workshop I hosted in Jamaica where I met many of my clients for the first time in person after a long social distance with Covid. I also loved hosting my first international Business retreat at a luxury villa overlooking the Caribbean sea in a dream building and helping them to plan the remainder of their 2021 while positioning them to increase their profitability for 2022.


What were your 3 most proud accomplishments of 2021? I had so many moments of accomplishments in 2021 that I am super excited about. Three top ones include: 

  1. Creating a simple funnel that added 6-figures to my revenue stream and connected me with some amazing clients who helped to impact my entrepreneurship journey. 
  2. Helping one of my youngest clients today go from struggling with imposter syndrome and only earning $100 profit monthly to restructuring her packaging and pricing as well as change her target audience and messaging to bring in an additional profit of $4,890 for her business after increasing her team from 2 to 6 tutors. 
  3. I am excited about helping not one but two clients go from struggling in their main business to strengthening their systems, processes and prices to create additional business offerings as a coach and a consultant which helped them to average 5 figure months, as well as hire quality support, and improve their lifestyle (travel more, more self care and better living environment).

Any advice to readers who want the next year to be their best year? If you want to have the best year then you will have to clearly see the vision, plan the vision, and create a pace that aligns with their energy, financial resources and needs so that they create from a place of abundance instead of a place of burn out.

Share how you plan to dominate 2022: In 2022 I am solving the problems that will bring me the best benefits and running the plans that align with those strategies and then hiring the experts to sustain, evaluate and iterate to provide me with the level of growth necessary for the income and productivity me and my clients require. I am also only solving problems at various levels with various funnel pricing strategies that together will bring me to the productivity and financial goal I desire.

How can readers connect with you online?  You readers can connect with me on Social media @winningnatalie and @sixfiguressociety or book a call at