Top 21 Women of 2021: Dr. Frances Ann Bailey

Top 21 Women of 2021: Dr. Frances Ann Bailey

Please describe what your passions have been this year in entrepreneurship? My passions for entrepreneurship this year have been to progress and be intentional. In business, we can become discouraged because things are the way we want them at the moment. I have learned to be thankful for the progress. It may not be what I want it to be yet, but I’m making progress to become greater. Being intentional was also a means for continued acceleration. When you are intentional things are pure and consistent.  

What were your 3 most proud accomplishments of 2021? I was a top nominee for the Kia Kingdom Image Awards in Ohio. My name was made history in Columbus City. My children will be able to go back and say that was my mom. I also was accepted into the PhD program at Walden University, and I obtained my honorary Doctorate in Leadership

Any advice to readers who want the next year to be their best year? Put your hands to what you were created to do. Put down the excuses and pick up the vision, launch and stay faithful. Only you can stop you. Live and put into action the best year.

Share how you plan to dominate 2022:  I plan to dominate 2022 by launching my anthologies, my online courses for life coaching certifications and more, finishing bible school to continue to walk in the call God has for my life. I plan to do this by remaining faithful to my goals and focused while soaring with other eagles.

How can readers connect with you online?  The links below are how to connect with me via social media and on my website.