Top 21 Women of 2021:  Dr. Nikki Zeigler

Top 21 Women of 2021: Dr. Nikki Zeigler

Please describe what your passions have been this year in entrepreneurship? 

My passion all year has been helping Women in business to know their Value and to shift their mindset for Greater.

What were your 3 most proud accomplishments of 2021?

  1. Obtaining my PHD in Philosophy in Theology in May
  2. Speaking on over 45 Platform in 2021
  3. Creating My First Anthology "I AM AN OVERCOMER WOMEN"

Any advice to readers who want the next year to be their best year? 

My advice is: Don't seek success, seek YOUR value and success will come.

Share how you plan to dominate 2022: 

My Plans for 2022: Create platforms for Women in Business to collaborate and build momentum in the marketplace.