Top 21 Women of 2021: Melissa D. White

Top 21 Women of 2021: Melissa D. White

Please describe what your passions have been this year in entrepreneurship? My passions in entrepreneurship this year have been returning to my first love of speaking and doing live in person shows with guests. That was the original intent of my business to capture untold stories through live conversations and experiences. This has always organically opened the door to all of the other areas of business by being visible, consistent and authentic. I am so passionate about not doing this entrepreneurship journey alone, so building the Activation Nation Community has been such a huge blessing to share in the journey by building up others and creating platforms to give them a voice. 

What were your 3 most proud accomplishments of 2021?  My 3 proudest accomplishments in 2021 are finally hiring a team, creating global partnerships for content and coaching, and seeing my clients achieve measurable success and results. 

Any advice to readers who want the next year to be their best year?  Let 2022 be the year that you fully commit. That doesn’t mean you won’t have moments where you reassess, pause, and pivot, but it means that you finish at least one thing you start. Finishing is the reward, anything else is a bonus. Also, be seen and be heard! I encounter so many amazing leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs who have amazing ideas and influence but they are hiding behind what they do. May 2022 be the year you come front and center to be seen as the expert that you are.

Share how you plan to dominate 2022:  I plan to dominate 2022 by doing the things I have been afraid to do for a very long time. I plan on shaking things up by finally doing all that I was scared to do for me and the people I serve. That also comes with celebration. I plan to celebrate a lot so that each milestone gets the fully celebration that it deserves. My focus in 2022 is to dominate globally by serving at mass through more live virtual and in person events. My audience and clients deserve more interaction and live activation, and I plan to give just that! Here’s to more celebrations in 2022!

How can readers connect with you online?  You can connect with me at, and on IG at @melissadwhite. Also text “ACTIVATE” to (470)202-3329 to join my Activation Nation community for motivation and coaching on the go.