Woman to Watch! Michelle Alston

Woman to Watch! Michelle Alston

Michelle Alston is the CEO and Founder of Mtugi Monae LLC; Mtugi Monae was created from a passion for serving the community. Michelle has been in public service for over ten years and serves as a social service rep in the District of Columbia government. Michelle spent four years as a Career Agent, motivating, facilitating peer groups, and creating workshop topics that will empower the low-income community to find work or finish school. Michelle’s lifetime philosophy is to design and develop a solid foundation both professionally and personally. The other is that everyone needs a plan and purpose to not flip-flop through life.

Overcoming domestic violence, rejection, abandonment issues, and homelessness, Michelle decided that the victim mindset had to go if she was ever going to Manifest the good things already planned for her life. Michelle’s desire to encourage family and loved ones to seek help when they have fallen into the problematic barrier in life. Michelle’s past has motivated her to motivate others that shifting the mindset can take you far, but you have to be hungry enough to get what your heart desires. 

Michelle has taken the pressure from her past and turned it into her success story. Michelle received her high school diploma from night school. She graduated with her Associate and Bachelor of Science degrees from Southeastern University and Master of Arts from Strayer University. Michelle is a Life coach, Model, health, beauty, and wellness consultant. Michelle is a Co-Author on the following projects, The low-income female entrepreneur project (L.I.F.E. project), First-time 2 times best-selling and international best-selling Co-authors of Women of Power ignited to serve, The Greatness in You, and Trap behind the enemy line. Michelle has been featured in K.I.S.H Magazine as one of the top 23 global igniters. Michelle also received multiple community service awards from organizations that serve the urban community. As a Motivational Speaker, Michelle desires to collaborate, communicate and celebrate with others. Her promise to her followers will always be to lead with excellence, motivate with class, train with integrity, to serve underserved communities.

Instagram: Mtugimonae2

Email: Mtugimonae@gmail.com

Phone: 240-630-2657