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Coach Lillie Mae

[COAUTHOR] You Still Have Time to WIN

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This Ebook will release on November 1st, 2024, just in time for you to monetize it for Black Friday! 

Within your chapter you can inspire other women by sharing your personal journey and advice PLUS promote your business and keep all profit from your Ebook sales!! 

*You can also order print copies from a printing company if you’d like to sell physical copies*


  1. 2-page contribution in the Ebook including your photo and contact information. (Up to 1,000 words)
  2. Participation in a virtual book launch conversation to discuss your chapter on Sunday November 10th at 5pm(EST) alongside other coauthors.
  3. Receiving a PDF file of the entire Ebook to upload to your website for selling. 


-E-book cannot be published on, Barnes & Noble, Etsy or any publishing platform, but can be sold on your website and through your social media platforms. You can keep all profits.

- Your chapter position will be based on the order of payment submission. 

- After purchase, an email will be sent with the next steps including a guide to help you write your chapter. Your photo and chapter submission must be emailed to by October 1st, 2024, 5pm (EST).

- Please make sure the photo you submit is taken by a professional photographer, and submitted at a size of 1MB or higher*


Author Copyright: The copyright will be registered under the name of the presenting author (Lillie Williams), and she has 100% control of the content being published. Responsible for preliminary production duties & costs including Book cover design, interior design, layout, ISBN and barcode, and digital platform distribution. editing (initial, review, and proofreading). 

CO-AUTHOR Copyright: You have exclusive rights to the work that you contribute. The book can be sold through your website, social platforms, or events to help you generate revenue and/or exposure.