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Coach Lillie Mae

[Coauthor + Speaker] Self-Love, Happiness & Confidence

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On Valentine's Day, February 14, 2022, we are releasing a new E-book "Glambitious Guide to Self-Love, Confidence & Happiness" and invite you to participate!!

As a CoAuthor you will also receive a 15-minute speaker slot during our virtual Ebook release event on Sunday February 20th, 2022 at 6pm (EST)!!

Please Note: Payment is nonrefundable and confirms that you agree to the following:

  1. Submit 1 chapter of up to 1000 words to share your journey and tips for achieving self-love, confidence, and happiness on or before January 15, 2022
  2. Includes your own personalized E-book cover design featuring a photo you provide.
  3. Includes a book PDF file for you to upload to your website for selling, you can keep all profit! (Ex. Sell 50 books for $20 = $1000 profit for you!!)
  4. Includes massive brand exposure through the networks of the other co-authors as well as through the Glambitious social media pages.


- E-book cannot be published on, but can be sold on your website and through your social media platforms.

- Your chapter position will be based on the order of payment submission. 

*Please make sure the photo for your Ebook cover is taken by a professional photographer, and submitted at a size of 1MB or higher*


Author Copyright: The copyright will be registered under the name of the presenting author (Lillie Williams), and she has 100% control of the content being published. Responsible for preliminary production duties & cost to include: Book cover design
, interior design, layout, ISBN & Barcode
, digital platform distribution
. editing (initial, review and proofreading). 

CO-AUTHOR Copyright: You have exclusive rights to the work that you contribute. The book can be sold through your website, social platforms or events to help you generate revenue and/or exposure.