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Coach Lillie Mae

[COAUTHOR] Devotional for Singles

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We're producing the first Glambitious Devotional as a physical book to encourage Christian singles and you are invited to participate as a coauthor!!

There is purpose in your path, share the journey, lessons and blessings from your single season!


  1. A 2-page interview about your single journey in the book including your photo and contact information. If you prefer to write your chapter instead of using the interview questions, that is fine as well.
  2. 2 physical copies of the book once printed will be shipped to you.
  3. A 5-minute speaker slot during the Clubhouse book launch (date TBA)
  4. A flyer announcing you as a devotional coauthor. 
  5. Receiving a PDF file of the entire Ebook to upload to your website for selling or giving away as a freebie to your network. (you keep any profits from your site)


- E-book cannot be published on, but can be sold on your website and through your social media platforms. You can keep all profits.

- Your chapter position will be based on the order of payment submission. 

- After purchase, an email will be sent with the next steps.  The interview answers and photos must be emailed to by September 15, 2022, 5pm(EST)

- Please make sure the photo you submit is taken by a professional photographer, and submitted at a size of 1MB or higher*


Author Copyright: The copyright will be registered under the name of the presenting author (Lillie Williams), and she has 100% control of the content being published. Responsible for preliminary production duties & cost to include: Book cover design
, interior design, layout, ISBN & Barcode
, digital platform distribution
. editing (initial, review and proofreading). 

Participant Copyright: You have exclusive rights to the work that you contribute. The book can be sold through your website, social platforms or events to help you generate revenue and/or exposure.