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[SPEAKER SLOT] Women in Business Facebook Fest

Regular price $150.00 USD
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Promote your brand and business during this Facebook Summit hosted on Sunday June 11th within the Glambitious Facebook Group! (2000+ members).


- a 20 minute speaker slot to promote your business, book, products or services. You can speak on any topic related to entrepreneurship, health, self-care or faith AND include your links in your live post for viewers to click in real time.

- Flyer with your photo to announce you as a Guest Speaker + a post on the @GlambitiousIAM IG Reels (44K Followers)


- Kick off the summer with a new speaking engagement to promote and include in your marketing efforts!

- You can invite your own network to join the group and watch you speak, which is a great way to re-engage them on your services.

- You can add the video of you speaking to your speaker reel to pitch for future speaking opportunities

- You can use snippets of your speaking as social media content to further promote your business and showcase yourself as an expert.


Payment is final, nonrefundable and nontransferable.  

You will have a solo speaker slot that allows you to go live independently inside of the group and communicate your message to members.  

After purchase, email a photo taken by a professional photographer for the flyer to (smart phone photos can not be accepted)