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Headline Interview

Regular price $250.00 USD
Regular price $500.00 USD Sale price $250.00 USD

This investment confirms 1 online interview including the headline of your choice with a media platform that we select from the Glambitious media list.


  • You can choose the headline that would excite your audience the most, because it's your time to shine!

  • Use this opportunity to bring more attention to your business, latest project, new service, book launch or upcoming event.

  • Share the interview link, audio or screenshot across social media, on your website, email newsletter to engage your audience.

  • Include a screenshot of the media feature in your speaker reel, sponsorship deck and/or media kit for added credibility with potential sponsors or speaker bookings.

Please Note:

Payment is nonrefundable.

The interview questions will be sent by email, please respond with the answers and 2-3 photos taken by a professional photographer. (Smart phone photos can not be accepted)

Your interview will be live within 48 hours of us receiving the interview answers!