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Promote @ Black Friday Facebook Summit!

Regular price $75.00 USD
Regular price $200.00 USD Sale price $75.00 USD

Promote your Black Friday offer during this Facebook summit hosted on Sunday November 20th - Tuesday November 22nd within the Glambitious Facebook Group (1500+  members).

Package Includes:

- a 15 minute slot to promote your business, book or Black Friday deal.

(slots will be available from 9am to 9pm each day)

- Flyer with your photo to announce you as a Guest Speaker 


- You can promote your Black Friday offer early to kick off sales.

- You can invite your own network to join the group and watch you speak, which is a great way to re-engage them on your services.

- You can add the video of you speaking to your speaker reel to pitch for future speaking opportunities

- You can use snippets of your speaking as social media content to further promote your business and showcase yourself as an expert.


Payment is final, nonrefundable and nontransferable.